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Question, for everyone here who attended OVFF: did anyone get video of the Pegasus nominees concert and/or the awards ceremony? I'd really love to be able to show it to some people who weren't there.
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So hey friends, especially certain friends from Milliways: If I were to (at long last) try watching Revolutionary Girl Utena, would you recommend dubbed or subtitled? My understanding is that subtitled is generally to be preferred, but I'd be interested in hearing about it if any of you have watched both.

Also: has anyone here watched Stranger Things? BOY DO I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT IT.


Apr. 29th, 2014 10:44 pm
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So hey, fellow filker types: who's planning to do Balticon this year?

I ask because I maaaay have a concert slot and might possibly be looking for some backup. >.>
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The year in review, as seen through public posts in this journal. Leaving out last year's end-of-year memes. (Bolded phrases are subject lines; unbolded are first lines of the post, used where no subject line exists.)

January: "Hello, folks! So yeah, while I will not be leaving LJ behind completely, I am slowly starting to make my way over to DW."
March: "omnomentaschen"
April: "Tonight is the first night of Pesach. Zman cherutenu; the time of our liberation."
May: "traveling plans"
June: "home again, home again"
July: "home again / Home again, in more ways than one."
August: "There's been so much going on this past month that I keep wanting to post about..."
September: "Closing the year"
October: "My pants: so bankrupt."
November: "Signal boost: NYC-area apartment needed, short-term rental"
December: "mumblesomething years ago"
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(Reposted from here.)

We have friends who live in Long Beach, NY. Many of you know them. And their apartment building will be unlivable for the next two to three months thanks to extreme flooding. Thus they are looking for an one bedroom apartment to rent till their regular home is ready. They would like to find something on the island or close to it, but will look into anything that comes along.

If you have any information about anything, please pass it to me and I will pass it along to our friends. Thanks.

November 25, ETA: Our friends have been able to return to their apartment!
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So hey, we're going to Concertino at the end of the month! (First con in over a year omg. SO EXCITED.)

And [personal profile] sdelmonte has posted here and here asking whether anybody wants to make plans with us for Shabbos meals. Sound off, folks!
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Hello, folks!

So yeah, while I will not be leaving LJ behind completely, I am slowly starting to make my way over to DW. This means I'll be crossposting, so everybody can see me regardless of where they're reading -- but I still have to figure out where I'm reading, so as not to miss anything.

What I need from you, o my journalfriends, is to answer the following two-tiered question:

Do you regularly

1) read both LJ and DW posts
2) read only things posted on LJ
3) read only things posted on DW

A) and post to both LJ and DW
B) and post only on LJ
C) and post only on DW?

What I will probably do with this information is build a custom reading filter of some kind on either DW, LJ, or both. We shall see. (I also want to make sure my friendslist/reading circle is complete, but I think that will wait for another post.)
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The thanks

I received in the mail over the past week (1) a gift certificate for the Digestive Wellness website, and (2) a notification that a donation has been made to Sloan-Kettering in memory of my mother, Cynthia Galler Levin. Both of these had [ profile] phoenixchilde's name on them, but she tells me that both of them are group efforts from The Internet.

All of you who contributed to this: thank you. Thank you guys so much. I love you all.

The request

(But first, an explanation)

So as many of you already know: in keeping with Jewish (Orthodox) law and tradition regarding mourning, I will be refraining from certain things during the year following my mother's death. These things include parties and group celebrations of any kind (including conventions), buying new clothes (except for serious necessities), and ... listening to music.

If you know me at all, you know the last one is the one that's going to be hardest. However, there is an exception: I can listen to recorded music, provided it is acapella. Voices only.

My current collection of acapella music is about 19 hours' worth. Much as I love it all, it is not going to last me a year.

This is where the request comes in. I would love it if all of you out there could recommend or share any acapella music you may have or know of. I'm going to post a list of what I already have so's to avoid duplicates -- look for that in the next hour. (Note that this is not limited to acapella groups; plenty of singers do tracks with no instrumental accompaniment.)

There's no immediate rush on this, but it would help a lot.

ETA: And since LJ doesn't seem to want to let me post a new entry (wtf?), my list of current acapella is here. I hope. *prods GoogleDocs suspiciously*


Jun. 19th, 2011 04:47 pm
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Is anybody besides me having trouble with gmail right now?

ETA: Oh okay. Restarting Firefox seems to have done the trick.
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Whew. Safely back in New York as of early yesterday morning; was kind of slammed by a horrible headache and neglected to do my usual I Aten't Dead post until now.

Denver was awesome: good friends, good times, not nearly enough sleep. Apparently "What are birds? We just don't know" is this year's "the most important daughter of all". Also: Wild West show! Rabbits! TINY TINY BIRDS. Also also: Community is the first sitcom I have actively sought out watching more of in a long, long time.

I tried catching up on LJ but I think I only got as far back as mid-Saturdayish. Which means I'm still behind on Thursday and Friday, and may well have missed other things in between there. Which goes to say: if you posted something you think I would like to have seen (or should have seen), and I didn't respond to it, please feel free to link it here!

Also: there was a meme I meant to post -- the one about five things you keep in mind when writing your characters -- and I have lost the link to it. Anyone have it handy?
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O my friendslist, I appeal to you! Particularly those of you who might have knowledge of period street songs from the 1660s, or who might know someone who does. (That's right, filkers, I'm looking at you.)

A friend of mine is involved in the production of a play that has a handful of these songs, and needs tunes for them: ideally the actual authentic period music, but period-sounding music that was composed more recently will do in a pinch. A further note: these are plague songs. Expect them to be accordingly, er, cheerful. (Hi, [ profile] cadhla!)

Lyrics behind the cut-tag. (*mutters* Okay, NOW they're behind the cut-tag.) )

Once again: if you know a tune to any of these, or know somebody who might, please comment here! And feel free to boost the signal by linking here if you know any other good places to ask.

Thanks for listening!

ETA: As of this afternoon it looks like a source has been acquired. Thanks again to everybody who volunteered help!
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O my f-list, I turn to you for aid! ...In this case, for aid in collection of trivia, that skill at which so many of you excel.

I am trying to compile a list of fictional characters who self-identify as evil. (Ideally with a note as to whether said self-identification is ironic or not -- though this is, of course, subject to interpretation.) Said self-identification can happen at any point in the character's arc, but must be present self-identification; "I am evil," rather than "I was evil."

Starting with this guy! *points at new icon*
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O my f-list, I appeal to you!

Can anyone get me screencaps from the last episode of Supernatural ("The Kids Are All Right")? I need a few shots of SPOILER ).

I would be most grateful.
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By any chance, could any of you lovely people provide me with chords for Tracy Grammer's "Hey Ho"?
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I really, really need a filk-related icon. Maybe a Dandelion Conspiracy thing? Anyway.

For those of you not yet in the know, I'm going to be giving a concert at Confluence this July. (My god, July. And it's already ... June sixth? Holy approaching deadlines, Batman.)

I've already asked a few people to participate, providing backing instrumentation and/or vocals. But I've still got a few songs in my set list that could really use some help.

So! Filkers planning to attend Confluence: who wants to be one of my trained guitarists/vocalists/drummers/whatever? Sing out and I'll add you to the filter for the next post, which will give more detail about what I'm planning to sing and what help I particularly need.
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Pursuant to this:

I've gotten some useful suggestions as to how to get from London (Golders Green, specifically) to Basingstoke on Friday February 2. Presumably they'll also be good for getting back on Monday the 5th.

The thing is, we're gonna be traveling with a lot of luggage, including most of our food for the weekend.

So. Bearing in mind that I have no clear idea of the distances and/or roads involved, are there any kind souls out there who might volunteer to give us a ride there and/or back? I would be very grateful. Extremely grateful. There could be cookies.
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You know what I need?

I need a "...well, crap" icon. Captioned with those actual words, ideally.

(Okay, I actually already have a "well, crap" icon, but nobody gets it. It's funny if you're me, but I'd like a slightly less arcanely humorous one.)

So! Looking for icons, or for bases to turn into icons. Anyone?
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Just a heads up to folks who might expect to see me online tonight:

If I'm not, here's why.

(Razzum frazzum Blue Screen.)
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So, uh.

I don't suppose any of you wonderful people have an old Windows 98 CD-ROM? And would be willing to snail-mail it to me (or hand it off, if you live in my area)?

Explanations forthcoming if anyone wants em.
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Google, that faithful friend of mine, has drawn a blank on both of these songs. I therefore cry out to my flist for assistance. Does anyone have the lyrics to either of the following songs?

"Forty Thousand In Gehenna," sung by Kathy Mar - I'm not sure if she wrote the lyrics or not. Googlesearch turns up references to a book of the same title, which now I think I'd quite like to read; does anyone know if the song appears in the book?

"(The) Dark Time" - Ben, I'm looking at you on this one, because I have an mp3 of what I'm fairly sure is you singing this, but I don't see it on your website. Not sure if that's the title; the opening line is "There once was a man condemned to die / Though he had committed no crime."

Sing out if you can help me, people!


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