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Still plugging away on the drabbles project.


Fandom: Life
Title: 6. Better Halves )


Fandom: Iron Man, film version*
Title: 19. .07% )

*Fact-corrections welcome on this one. I've only seen it the once.
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Drabbles, heigh-ho. :)


Fandom: Supernatural, spoilers for the end of most recent episode (3.15, "Time Is On My Side")
Title: 2. Don't Look Back )


Fandom: Doctor Who (revival), spoilers for the end of 4.5, "The Poison Sky"
Title: 16. Unexpected )
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Wow, it's been how long since I touched the Heroes S1 Episode Title drabble project?

Anyway. Some new ones!


Fandom: Farscape, crossed over with something else (non-spoilery)
Title: 4. Collision )


Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, futurefic
Title: 20. Five Years Gone )


Fandom: Supernatural, futurefic, potentially spoilery for last week's episode
Title: 8. Seven Minutes To Midnight )

That last one is threatening to turn into something longer. SEND HELP.
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Drabble project, heigh-ho.

Fandom: Supernatural, through the most recent episode ("Jus In Bello").
Title: 21. The Hard Part )
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Two new drabbles for the Heroes S1 Title Project!

The first one turned out way too long. I'm calling it a double drabble.


Fandom: Terry Pratchett's Discworld (with a non-spoilery shoutout to somebody else)
Title: 1. Genesis )


Fandom: Firefly
Title: 18. Parasite )


I need some ideas for additional fandoms. *considers*
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The drabble project continues! (And still needs a name.)

This one's for [ profile] bookelfe.

Fandom: In the Garden of Iden by Kage Baker
Title: 17. Company Man )
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Next drabble in the ongoing project: the other one they told me I'd never be able to make work.

Fandom: Marvel Comics (specifically the current X-Factor title)
Title: 23. How To Stop An Exploding Man )
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Next up in the Heroes S1 Title Drabble project! (Which still needs a name.) The listed fandom should be warning enough.

Fandom: IT, by Stephen King
Title: 10. Six Months Ago )
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So! Since nobody seems to think I particularly need a filter, I'm not making one.

Here, therefore, are the first few entries in the Heroes Season 1 Episode Title Drabble* Project. ...Which needs a new name, because that is a long and clunky name. I'm taking suggestions!

I'm not writing them in order, so the first one is #5. I'm also not introducing them with the fandoms; they should be recognizeable, but not always immediately. [ETA] ON SECOND THOUGHT: as [ profile] mtgat points out, people may want to avoid spoilers. So: introducing with fandoms after all.

Fandom: Supernatural, pre-canon
Title: 5. Hiros )


Fandom: Quantum Leap
Title: 3. One Giant Leap )


Fandom: Doctor Who, revival version, Season One
Title: 15. Run! )


Fandom: Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, post-canon
Title: 13. The Fix )


More coming as I write them.

[ETA the second] *Drabble: yes, I am aware that strictly speaking a drabble should be precisely one hundred words. I subscribe to a somewhat looser interpretation, to wit: if it's between 75 and 150 wordcount, I don't feel too bad about calling it a drabble. Call them postcard fics if you prefer that.
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So, inspired by [ profile] crazedcrusader's project of writing random-fandom drabbles using the episode titles of the entire run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- but not feeling nearly that ambitious --

-- I am embarking on a project to write random-fandom drabbles using the episode titles of the first season of Heroes.

I've got four already and mean to begin posting them. So, two-part question:

(a) should I create a new filter for this?

(b) if so, do you want on it?

Sing out, people.
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I am a sheep. Or a lemming. One of those.

Ask me for a drabble. Please specify any or all of the following: fandom, characters, setting, mood, event, keywords. If I can oblige you, I will. Fair warning: I reserve the right to interpret your specifications creatively.


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