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Still plugging away on the drabbles project.


Fandom: Life
Title: 6. Better Halves

Ted's finally got it.

Not Robin, not Alfred, not Higgins or Tonto or even Dr. Watson. He doesn't have to ask Charlie this time, and that's just as well because he's not sure how Charlie would take the implications.

He's Sancho Panza. And you know, being Sancho Panza isn't bad when you think about it. Pretty sure your boss is crazy, but going along because he'd be lost without you and you both know it. And because crazy or not, he's one of the good guys. And because ... well ... you like him.

Not that he's about to start singing I'll tell all the world proudly, I'm his squire, I'm his friend or anything, but it's good to finally have his role figured out.


Fandom: Iron Man, film version*
Title: 19. .07%

Point oh seven percent, Tony calculates. That's how much mobility he still has: he can blink, he can breathe, that's about it. The screamer won't keep him paralyzed much longer; he figures a maximum of ten minutes before he has gross motor control back.

Ten minutes is more than enough time to make a phone call and order a murder. If Obadiah means to be subtle about it, though, it could take longer than that. There's a chance. There's still a chance.

Eight minutes and forty seconds. That's how long he has to figure out what he'll do with nothing but gross motor control and a defective heart --

Straining against the paralysis, Tony's eyes widen.

*Fact-corrections welcome on this one. I've only seen it the once.

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