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Or, It Was Late And We Were Tired.

[ profile] batyatoon: *yawning yawnishly* I have no idea why I am so tired.
[ profile] newredshoes: I know why I'm tired! :-) And I also wish that whosever beeping alarm is out there NOT SHUTTING UP would cease to do so. *grumps at it*
[ profile] batyatoon: yeah, well, you've been traveling.
[ profile] batyatoon: I have no such escuse. :-(
[ profile] newredshoes: You are in New York! It is... naturally exhausting?
[ profile] batyatoon: ... by that logic, though, I should be this tired all the time. Which I'm generally not!
[ profile] newredshoes: --hey look, a bunny! What logic?
[ profile] batyatoon: -- bunny! *goes chasing it*
[ profile] newredshoes: *fingersteeples*
[ profile] batyatoon: *comes back proudly carrying a blue bunny* Caught it!
[ profile] newredshoes: *blinks, startled* We meet again! *backs away from the bunny*
[ profile] newredshoes: That's -- not the bunny you were supposed to catch!
[ profile] batyatoon: Bunny: *eyes you and pawsteeples*
[ profile] newredshoes: *presses self against a wall!* I saw you go over that waterfall in '82! We all saw it! You and that fiendish device you were captaining! How is this possible?
[ profile] batyatoon: Bunny: *laughs maniacally* Fools! You saw what I wanted you to see! And now we meet again, but this time the advantage is mine!
[ profile] batyatoon: *looks down at bunny* ...So, uh ... you guys have met.
[ profile] newredshoes: *sheepish* We used to be mortal enemies.
[ profile] newredshoes: I won that time, but apparently nemeses don't go away quite that easily.
[ profile] batyatoon: Bunny: *sulks* You did not win. You just had a temporary advantage.
[ profile] newredshoes: Yes, that's usually called winning!
[ profile] newredshoes: That's when you're supposed to say, "You haven't seen the last of meeeeeeeee!" and then disappear before the credits roll.
[ profile] batyatoon: (*cracking up*)
[ profile] newredshoes: (IMPROMPTU CRACK FTW.)
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O my friendslist, I have coined a term that needs a definition.

Please tell me what one would expect from a polterzeitgeist.


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