Jan. 24th, 2010

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There's this meme that's going around. There's also the list of Books I Read In 2009.

I will do them BOTH AT ONCE. Because that is how I roll.

There's also a bit of SPN meta I keep meaning to post and haven't, and a BSG ficlet I keep meaning to post and haven't, but those will be separate.

THE MEME: Ask Me Anything! Taken from all over, wording slightly adjusted.

Basically, if there is anything you are curious to know about me because you are new around here/are old around here but feel like you should already have known it/have never gotten around to asking despite the fact that you know multitudinous other details of my life like what I eat for breakfast every morning, today is a day to ask it. (It does not have to be RL stuff necessarily! Fannish questions are fun too.)

I will not be offended by anything you ask but I fully retain the right to not answer questions, because sometimes I do like being a woman of mystery (and also, some things are none of your business even if I love you). Alternately, I may screen answers if for whatever reason I do not feel comfortable sharing them with the-internet-at-large.

Cut because even people who love to read don't necessarily love to read a long list of books I read in 2009. )

That's 25 fewer books than I read in 2008. Maybe I should start keeping track of page count, too.
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Promised I would post, this, so:

Okay. The four archangels, traditionally, are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. In SPN Uriel doesn't seem to be an archangel, but never mind that for the moment.

SPN meta behind the cut, inspired by and spoilery through episode 5x08, 'Changing Channels.' )



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