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2016-01-14 07:42 pm

[purimgifts] Dear Author

[Edited to add: yes, this is last year's letter, but it's pretty much still valid.]

Dear [community profile] purimgifts author:

Cut to spare my friendslist )
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2015-04-17 04:33 pm

So this is a thing that's happening.

Oh hey, what's that right at the bottom of the Upcoming Guests section of the Interfilk Guests page?

Does that say Batya Wittenberg at FilKONtario 26 in 2016?

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2014-03-27 11:06 pm

(no subject)

It is a momentous day in my personal history, friends.

Yes, today is the day I finally won at 2048.

Today I am a math god.

(Tomorrow I will go back to squinting in abject bafflement at household finances, but TODAY I AM A MATH GOD.)
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2014-02-04 09:56 am


So with just under two weeks to go, I have finally gotten around to this: the DW/LJ entry where I post about going to Boskone 2014!

Want to see me there? Here's where I'll be. (Full schedule is up here, if you want to see what else is going on!)

Saturday, 10:00 - 10:50 AM: Tie-In Novels: Writing Within the Rules. Nancy Holder (moderator), Ginjer Buchanan, Craig Shaw Gardner, Batya "The Toon" Wittenberg. A panel about "the art of writing original fiction within established and well-known worlds," on which I'm going to be the representative fanfic writer. ahahahahahahaha.

Saturday, 4:00 - 4:50 PM: Chapter and Verse: Songs About Books. Gary D. McGath
Edward L. Stauff, Mary Ellen Wessels, Batya "The Toon" Wittenberg. A round-robin-style concert, featuring short passages from books and stories that inspired songs, and then the songs themselves.

Saturday, 11:00 - 11:50 PM: Boskone Filk Fest, Set 2. A concert set with Lady Mondegreen and Featured Filker Bill Roper!

Sunday, 11:00 - 11:25 AM: Kids' Concert with Lady Mondegreen. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

Sunday, 2:00 - 2:50 PM: Nattering About Songwriting. Talis Kimberley (moderator), Mary Crowell, Batya "The Toon" Wittenberg. A panel about the creative process.

I'm also planning to be around at the open filk whenever possible, of course.

So many fantastic people are going to be at this con and I will get to be on panels and in concert with some of them EEEE I CAN'T WAIT IT'S GONNA BE SO AWESOME.
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2014-01-20 08:26 pm

yielding more or less gracefully to the more or less inevitable

I have a tumblr account.

That isn't new; I've had it for some months now in order to follow the tumblr blogs of people I like, plus other blogs I was finding interesting. What's new is that my account is no longer zero-content, because I have finally started reblogging things.

Why? Well ... about mumble-something years ago, there was this guy I knew in Gargoyles fandom. We were involved in producing various fanworks together, including both of us being on the staff of The Gargoyles Saga ... but what we mostly collaborated-slash-competed on was filk. I mostly fell out of the active fandom around the time when I got married (though I visited the conventions again a time or two), and while we followed each other on LJ for a while, Patrick and I sort of gradually lost touch.

And sometime in December I re-encountered him on tumblr -- I believe by way of looking at the tag for Disney's Frozen. And then this happened.

Followed by this, this, this, and this...

And finally this.

As I said in one of the posts: Whoever had January 14 in the betting pool for “how long will it take before she breaks the no-content policy”, or either “filk” or “connecting with an old friend” for “what’s going to finally make her actually post something,” please stop by the office to collect your winnings.

I am not sure yet how/whether I'm going to connect my Dreamwidth/Livejournal account to my tumblr account. Any thoughts? Also, are there any of you lovely people who have (or wish to recommend) tumblrs that I should know about?
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2014-01-01 01:57 pm

Meme: 2013 in review.

The year in review, as seen through public posts in this journal. Leaving out last year's end-of-year memes. (Bolded phrases are subject lines; unbolded are first lines of the post, used where no subject line exists.)

January: a random act of kindness
February: [purimgifts] Dear Author
March: Safely and exhaustedly arrived back in NY. Consonance was amazing.
April: Pesach recipe round-up
May: a postcard from the magical land of sick
June: Conterpoint ahoy!
July: So we saw Pacific Rim today.
August: a mazel tov
November: (It is completely ridiculous that I haven't posted a thing since August.)
December: words, words; they're all we have to go on
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2013-12-08 09:31 pm

words, words; they're all we have to go on

So as I mentioned last month, I unofficially participated in NaNoWriMo this year. And discovered that (a) writing a set number of words every day is really good discipline, (b) dialogue and descriptive lists are really good for using up wordcount, and (c) it is virtually impossible to get much writing done on Fridays when sunset is between 4 and 5 pm. So I decided halfway through the month that I was not going to count Fridays, and that I would instead take four days out of December to make up the 30 days.

And I made my 30K wordcount goal as of December 4. :D

Mind you, I don't actually have a satisfactory end to the story yet. But I fully intend to keep writing until I've got one. Maybe next year I'll try the full 50K.

([personal profile] bnewman, if you're reading this, we should possibly talk about songs.)
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2013-08-06 10:33 pm

a mazel tov

The newest addition to my extended family was born this evening to my sister in Rochester! I am informed that mother and baby boy are both in good health and good spirits, although both are doubtless exhausted.

In accordance with Jewish tradition, my new nephewlet does not yet have a name; he will get one in eight days' time at his bris.

Welcome to the world, tiny new human!
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2013-03-14 02:39 pm

Recent & Upcoming Items of Interest and/or Excellence

So here's a few things I've been meaning to post about, and I am doing that very rare thing of posting from work on my lunch break because I don't know if/when I'll manage to get online tonight. First, recent stuff:

Purimgifts! I participated in this fic exchange again this year. I received a thoroughly adorable trio of BtVS ficlets from Green: Family Means No One Gets Left Behind, Baker's Surprise (including a recipe for chocolate hamantaschen!), and To Life. My own contribution, for the_ragnarok, was a three-part Bible/Temeraire crossover (idek) called Three Things And Four.

Consonance! My second ever West Coast filk con (after Conflikt a few years back), confirming my impression that West Coast filkers are generally excellent people. I really hope I get the chance to go back another year.
[personal profile] ladymondegreen has a full report of the rehearsals and the concert here and here, plus a little bit of costuming we did Saturday night for the open circle she hosted. *cheerful* (One of my favorite bits involving the costumes: [profile] kanef, on first seeing us, asking me "So ... is this some new really, really strict religious observance?")
The concert was downright exhilarating, the costuming was insane fun, the open filking afterward was wonderful as it always is, there was opportunity to meet some wonderful new people and to talk to old friends and acquaintances I very seldom see, and basically what I'm saying is it was the best kind of filk con. Even if the jet lag flattened me for days afterwards.

Family visiting! My brother and my dad are here from Israel, and have been staying at our house since Monday night. I have missed them both terribly; it's been great having them here.

Which leads me into upcoming things:

Nephew's bar mitzvah! This evening we (we being me, Alex, my brother and my dad) are driving up to Rochester, where we will spend the weekend celebrating the bar mitzvah of my sister's oldest kid. (How is he thirteen already. HOW.) Don't expect to see me around the internets tonight; I may or may not be on Saturday night, depending on family goings-on and internet availability. We return Sunday night, whereupon I will be plunging directly into frantic preparation for:

Passover! And hosting a seder at my own table for the first time in my life. aaaa panic panic aaaaaaaaaa We've cleaned the whole house except the kitchen already; we won't be turning over the kitchen until the night of Saturday the 23rd, leaving a very narrow margin for all the food prep we have to do in advance. Since cooking is permissible on holidays, I can leave some of it for later -- but anything requiring an electrical appliance such as a blender? Yeah, that's got to happen before sunset on Monday the 25th. Which includes the charoset.

FUN TIMES, MY FRIENDS. See you all when I see you!
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2013-02-28 05:13 pm

california, here I come

Hey all! I am writing this at JFK airport, where in approximately 25 minutes I will be boarding a plane to San Jose for Consonance. I've never been to this particular con before, and am attending this year in order to sing backup for a certain awesome Interfilk Guest.

(Sadly, [personal profile] sdelmonte is not coming with me. Y'all be nice to him if he needs cheering up this weekend, okay?)

My email access will probably be reasonably reliable (depending on hotel wifi), but don't expect to see me online between now and Monday afternoon/evening.

Those of you who will be there: see you soon! Everybody else: have a great weekend, try not to burn down the internet while I'm gone, and see you when I see you.
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2013-01-24 10:01 pm

to reeeeeach the unreachable staaaaaar

So I just listened to the entirety of the Man of La Mancha soundtrack -- the 1965 original Broadway cast recording -- while assembling components of tomorrow night's dinner. (Not done yet! Still have to assemble dessert.)

It matters that it's this particular recording; my parents owned it on vinyl and it will always be the definitive version in my head. And it has been forever since I listened to this and every phrase, every pause, every vocal inflection is still familiar and dear. I don't think I will ever not love this musical to tiny bits.

(And yeah, I still can't decide which part I covet most: Aldonza or Sancho.)

And meanwhile, for the first time I found myself having Thoughts about this play through feminist lenses, and I am pretty sure I am not done having them. Hmmm.

[also [personal profile] adiva_calandia I have to talk to you sometime about the notion of Don Quixote as a breeches role because what.]
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2012-12-23 05:29 pm

mumblesomething years ago

The illustrious [personal profile] ladymondegreen has given me a meme; the premise is "what were you like at a specific age?" and the number she gave me was twenty. My answer is supposed to address relationship, where I was living, what I was doing for work and school, what I feared, and my best memory.

Follow me behind the cut-tag: )

If any of you would like to pick up this meme, ask me for a number and I will give you one! (If I don't already know your age, I may have to ask for at least a ballpark.)
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2012-11-25 05:49 pm

Thanksgiving recipe round-up

I don't post here nearly often enough, lately. So you know what I'm going to do?

I'm going to share some of the AWESOME DELICIOUSNESS that we enjoyed this Thanksgiving weekend. :D

Appetizer: Baby spinach salad with za'atar vinaigrette (olive oil, toasted sesame oil, ume plum vinegar, za'atar)

Main course:
Herb-roasted chicken )

Mashed turnips-and-taters )

Cornmeal pudding )

Sourdough bread stuffing )

Steamed string beans

Cranberry-raspberry relish, brought by my mother-in-law

Dessert: Apple pie made with this almond-flour pie crust, served with whipped coconut cream

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2011-03-17 09:22 pm

I'd Do NEFilk For You

HEY GUYS. Want to know why this year's NorthEast Floating Filk Con (Contata 6 / NEFilk 21) is going to be raw hammered rock-the-house awesome?

Of course you do! And there are so many, many reasons. There's our widely acclaimed con suite and our traditional chocolate-tasting party, but you know about those if you've been to Contata in recent years. There's our amazing guest lineup for this year, including the incomparable Judi Miller and the incredible Tom Smith, but you know about those if you've looked at our website linked above.

But what you may not know, and what I am here (belatedly) to tell you, is that this year's Contata is going to be witness to something that hasn't been seen since 1987:

The Rocky Horror Muppet Show.

Yes, you heard me.

Details here!

P.S.: I'm playing Gonzo.
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2011-02-07 08:10 pm
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(no subject)

I am smug like a smug thing and posting about it very belatedly.

Why am I smug?

I am smug because, using this recipe, substituting light agave nectar for corn syrup and granulated xylitol for granulated sugar (ETA: and powdered xylitol for confectioner's sugar), and using Kolatin brand gelatin ...

... I have successfully made kosher sugar-free marshmallows.

They taste like marshmallows. They have the right texture. You can toast them.

I am pretty sure this means I win. :D :D :D
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2010-12-02 09:32 pm

What I Did On My Vacation to Israel

by B. Wittenberg, age 35 1/2

a list in four parts

1. En Route )

2. In Ramat Beit Shemesh )

3. In Yerushalayim )

4. Going Home )

All in all: a week wasn't anything like long enough. I want to go back.