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I'd Do NEFilk For You

HEY GUYS. Want to know why this year's NorthEast Floating Filk Con (Contata 6 / NEFilk 21) is going to be raw hammered rock-the-house awesome?

Of course you do! And there are so many, many reasons. There's our widely acclaimed con suite and our traditional chocolate-tasting party, but you know about those if you've been to Contata in recent years. There's our amazing guest lineup for this year, including the incomparable Judi Miller and the incredible Tom Smith, but you know about those if you've looked at our website linked above.

But what you may not know, and what I am here (belatedly) to tell you, is that this year's Contata is going to be witness to something that hasn't been seen since 1987:

The Rocky Horror Muppet Show.

Yes, you heard me.

Details here!

P.S.: I'm playing Gonzo.

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Also awesome? You.
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There *is* going to be video, RIGHT? RIGHT?!

Can't. Wait.
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If all goes well, there will be a Tomboat show!

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We're really, really excited about this.