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I am smug like a smug thing and posting about it very belatedly.

Why am I smug?

I am smug because, using this recipe, substituting light agave nectar for corn syrup and granulated xylitol for granulated sugar (ETA: and powdered xylitol for confectioner's sugar), and using Kolatin brand gelatin ...

... I have successfully made kosher sugar-free marshmallows.

They taste like marshmallows. They have the right texture. You can toast them.

I am pretty sure this means I win. :D :D :D
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WINNAR!!! Did I mention you were AWESOME?

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Will have to try them. Yay!

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Dang! Congrats! You win internets for such an accomplishment.
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For extra credit: could you make them non-poisonous to [ profile] ladymondegreen? Would Splenda work in place of Xylitol?

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It's okay. I can generally eat regular kosher marshmallows, though they are poisonous to [ profile] marapfhile so everyone's marshmallow hurts someone.

There's a "harshing my mallow" joke in here somewhere, but I'll be over here with the graham crackers and the chocolate trying to contain it.
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That's worth some smugness!
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You do, in fact, win.

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Yay! You win, indeed.
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It occurs to me I shall have to pass this on to [ profile] codeamazon, another Jewish friend of mine who is just as awesome as you are, only in different ways... 'cept you both cook most awesomely. (She's been doing Hanukkah for her synagogue for several years now... cooking for 200!)
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Nice! I have had vegan marshmellows (we even had a marshmellow contest at work betwixt vegan marshmellows and my boss's treif marshmellows), but not, I think, sugar-free vegan (or kosher) marshmellows.

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You definitely win!

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You *totally* win.

BTW I must have an old email for you, because I tried to send one yesterday and it bounced. Short version: I sorry, I must reschedule our Feb. 26th visit as I will be going on a cruise. (Itself rescheduled because mom has jury duty.) Are you free the following Sunday or the Shabbas after that? Or should we try for a weeknight?

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That ... is ... so ... cool !!!

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Mazel tov, my mad scientist! If I liked marshmallows I might even try one.

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Congratulations seem to be in order, so I offer them, but I am confused... are marshmallows not kosher???

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Typical marshmallows are made with gelatin, which is made from entirely arbitrary animal protein extracts.
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There are also vegan marshmallows one can buy, without gelatin at all; the texture's a bit funny, but they mostly work. Sadly, they are in no way at all sugar-free. (I should think they're kosher by ingredients, unless there's something I'm missing, but I have no idea if they're kosher by certification.) Marshmallow fluff is also gelatin-free, and also easily obtained without going to a specialty store, which I as a vegetarian love; also not sugar-free, though, and it has egg whites which makes it non-vegan. I think the brand I've seen is kosher-certified, but I don't keep kosher so I don't remember by whom.
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. . . that is pretty impressive.
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This is terrifying kitchen alchemy, and I salute you!