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words, words; they're all we have to go on

So as I mentioned last month, I unofficially participated in NaNoWriMo this year. And discovered that (a) writing a set number of words every day is really good discipline, (b) dialogue and descriptive lists are really good for using up wordcount, and (c) it is virtually impossible to get much writing done on Fridays when sunset is between 4 and 5 pm. So I decided halfway through the month that I was not going to count Fridays, and that I would instead take four days out of December to make up the 30 days.

And I made my 30K wordcount goal as of December 4. :D

Mind you, I don't actually have a satisfactory end to the story yet. But I fully intend to keep writing until I've got one. Maybe next year I'll try the full 50K.

([personal profile] bnewman, if you're reading this, we should possibly talk about songs.)
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Wooooo!! Congratulations! And maybe this sounds weird, but I am extra-impressed that you did it on your own schedule.
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GO YOU! Many congratulations!
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Congrats!! That is fabulous. And good luck on getting to the ending of the actual story! :D