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Here at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival. In about half an hour, Sabbath starts; in a couple of hours, I will be performing Gabriel Gray's Song in the Pegasus Nominees concert. this is the second time I should not be this nervous. ohgod.

Those of you who are/will be at the con: see you soon if I haven't already! (Those of you who aren't but wanted to be: I miss you. *many, many hugs*)

I will not be online more than sporadically between now and Monday afternoon/evening. See you all when I see you. Don't blow up the internets while I'm gone. <3

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In about half an hour, Sabbath starts



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I was all set to be there (it is in my backyard), but Things Have Come Up.

Best of luck!
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Miss you lots!!!!!
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*virtual hugs* Now we know you didn't win, but you and the song are *still* full of awesome, and I hope the performance went well.... just to be on that slate at all, amongst So. Much. Awesome... you rock, girl.
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yes, this exactly :) You so totally rock!

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That was one of the best performances in the concert. I'm very glad I didn't miss it this year!

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You sounded awesome. *grin* So no need to worry!

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I just wanted to let you know how much I really like Gabriel Gray's Song and how much I enjoyed listening to you sing it =)