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I participated in the [ profile] purimgifts fic exchange again this year. Somewhat belatedly, here's the roundup:

I received three beautiful Joss Whedon ficlets from [ profile] hihoplastic: And The Quiet Wanders Laughing, Ebb, and the wind whistles softly (about Illyria, Zoe, and River respectively), accompanied by some gorgeous photocollages.

I also wrote a three-part work of Vorkosigan Saga futurefic entitled "Untitled". (Yes, that's the title. Those who remember my Companion Pieces from last year's fic exchange will already be aware that I sometimes get entirely too clever in naming my fics.)

Enjoy. I know I did. :)

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Heh! I didn't even twig to the cleverness of the title of "Untitled" until now.

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Yeah, but now that I get it, it's fantastic. Call it delayed reaction.
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*facepalm* RIGHT!

Hey, that's *my* level of too subtle. :) Don't. Change. A. Thing. :) :) :)
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So is there going to be more of "Untitled"? Because it'll take most of a novel to deal with all that, and certain characters would not be the only ones who want to see what happens.
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ooooh, more?? please?

Oh, and I forgot to say... love the photoshops.

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Very nice.
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Well done! I've not read anywhere near the majority of LMB's work but I've read enough to know your voices ring true.... and I love where you took the characters. :)