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batyatoon ([personal profile] batyatoon) wrote2011-12-12 09:30 pm

i'm still here. i'm not gone.

Man, have I really not posted in here since September? *brushes dust off of random flat surfaces*

Things I could post about but haven't been:

  • Recipes! I have recently made, among other things: low-carb kishka, sugar-free and dairy-free chocolate ganache frosting, and whole-wheat sourdough bread stuffing.
  • Books! For some reason, this year I've been reading a lot more new things than I have in previous years. Including finally picking up the Hunger Games series, which oh my god, you guys.
  • Music! I have been living on the acapella offerings that my wonderful friendslist supplied me with back in the summer, further fortified by the various albums available on Spotify. (College acapella has changed some since I was in college. Everybody has vocal percussion now, apparently.)
  • TV! Doctor Who is on hiatus, Supernatural has not been making me as happy this year as it has in years past, and ... truth to tell, most of what I've been watching lately has been older stuff. Some of it much older, including original-series Who.
  • Writing! Seriously, did I never even post links to my purimgifts fics from last year? WTF, past me?
  • Work! ALWAYS FUN.
  • Homestuck! I got sucked into this webcomic about a year ago and have been mildly obsessed with it ever since. It is bizarre and amazing and there needs to be filk about it. Speaking of which:
  • How much I miss conventions and housefilks. But that's a sad topic. :(
  • Another sad topic: how much I miss my mother.

It's been getting better.

I was talking to somebody recently about why I haven't posted a lot, and it seems to be at least in part that I have lacked the energy to polish anything I write -- and the inclination to post anything I haven't polished. As my dear [ profile] sdelmonte says: the perfect is the enemy of the good.

This post isn't perfect, but it's going up anyway.

Hi, gang. You know I love you.

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I love you back!

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I know all about the "perfect is the enemy of the good" thing, trust me.

And Homestuck is very specifically in the "I know enough to know to stay away" camp for me.

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phoenixchilde: A drawing of a phoenix (THIS CALLS FOR BUNNYHAMSTERS.)

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agonistes: (whenever paul thinks of snow)

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We miss you! And I owe you music like whoa. Life got...busy. I'm zipping stuff for you and hope to get it up soon.

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silveraspen: quill and roses (quill and roses)

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Hi, you. :)

Miss you

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If you are looking for things to watch I recommend The Booth at the End on Hulu.
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*smish* Hey, my lady. <3333333

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Hey there! We've missed you. :)

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I have to send you some recordings... (I think the accapella circle @ Philcon actually stayed accapella. I need to listen to it first.)

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Hey sweetie. Glad to see you 'round these parts. Missed you. *hugs*
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♥ ♥ ♥
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I love you toooo. <3

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Posting is habitual, glad to see you're getting back into the habit. I miss you.

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Hey there, lovey.
mtgat: (Hug)

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Hi hi hi!!
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Your dear one is wise.. and it's good to hear from you again. Oooh, you have writings? Yes, please, and thank you :)

May you find joy, in the fullness of time. Much love and virtual hugs.

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Glad to know we were able to use Dropbox for good and not evil.

I'm missing my dad a lot right now, so I can relate.

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Welcome back, you. You don't have to be perfect. We love you anyway.

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Speaking of missing conventions, if I gave you a job -- a real job, not a made-up job -- would you come to Lunacon? Or would it be too painful to be there and not be able to go to filk?

Inquiring program heads could use a minion (though a minyan might be a bit much.)

*hugs* We love you too.

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genarti: Small orange kitten putting an exploratory paw on an even tinier duckling's head. ([misc] hi!)

[personal profile] genarti 2011-12-13 09:44 pm (UTC)(link)

Good to hear from you, now and always!

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Good to see your pixels again!

Speaking of acapella music, did you watch The Sing-Off? There is some scary good groups out there. I'm not sure what's available online, but NBC's homepage might have some clips still up.

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I pay attention

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Aten't you dead?
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[personal profile] annathepiper 2011-12-15 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
Glad to hear from you!
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Happy Hanukkah, my friend. May there be much light in your world, on these nights, and always.

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