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RP meme

Okay, I usually avoid these things, but ...

Tell me one thing about any one of my Milliways characters that I don't know. That's Cordelia Vorkosigan, Andrew Wells, and Simon Tam. Have at 'em.
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Milliways, like Barrayar, is different when Cordelia's around. She creates a little island of sanity extending for five feet in any direction. Even the crazy days are less crazy.

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Andrew sometimes tries on Meg's tutu when she's asleep.

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Even though he makes fun of the cheap stuff that they sell on backwater planets, Simon surreptitiously buys little trinkets for Kayleee whenever he can, because he knows she likes them.
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One of the main reasons Andrew is worried about watching the Buffy videos?

He's only just got used to not thinking of his life as a story.

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Andrew wants to learn to dance ballet, so he can dance with Meg.

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Simon finished sceond in his class when he got a ganglion confused with a neuron.

Andrew secretly thinks that it would be cool to be a professional bowler.
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Andrew really wants to see Meg break dance.

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Simon is secretly joining Jayne and Book for workout sessions.

why is this meme so hard?

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Anthy does not understand Andrew at all.

Also, his woe icon is almost as sad as the weeping spider in The Last Unicorn.

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Simon was the recording secretary of his university's Gilbert and Sullivan society.
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... BWAH.

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Andrew? Occasionally likes a spa day.

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Andrew went through a phase of several years when he was younger where he would carefully check the back of every closet and rub every lamp (among other rituals) in hopes of going off on some crazy adventure.

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It was the first Deathstar that Andrew painted on the van. And he did put the exhaust port in the wrong place. He got distracted by...


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Andrew wishes he had a camcorder much of the time he is in Milliways. Just for the hell of recording the insanity.

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Every time Meg talks blithely about how she'll be dead by thirty, it eats a little peice of Andrew's soul away and he wonders if he's going to develop a nervous tic or something about it.

Why are the only things I can think of for these breaky? I'm sorry.
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Hell, I knew that.