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batyatoon ([personal profile] batyatoon) wrote2014-02-17 07:18 pm

home fom weekend; bankrupt pants

We are home from Boskone and from my cousin's bar mitzvah! Will make an honest effort to catch up on things, but it may take me a day or two.

A proper con report may or may not be forthcoming; for the moment, suffice it to say that I got to see and hug a lot of amazing people, make a new friend or two, meet a few authors whose works I have loved for years, and sing with a kickass crowd of filkers. And then of course, at this morning's bar mitzvah, I got to see and hug a lot of family members I don't get to see nearly often enough, including a bunch of very very small ones.

Hoo boy do I need sleep.
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[personal profile] newredshoes 2014-02-18 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
I'm glad you had such a lovely weekend!

--I also did not know you could have b'nai mitzvot on non-Saturdays! The more you know.
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You can have them on any day the Torah is read, which is traditionally also Monday and Thursday. It used to be a tradition in a branch of my family (distinct from Batya's) to hold b'nai/b'not mitzvah on Labor Day or Memorial Day weekends.
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Yaaaaay! So glad you guys had a good time.
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It was great to see you and sing with you! <3
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Yes. This. <3
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Thoroughly seconded! <3