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batyatoon ([personal profile] batyatoon) wrote2013-07-21 04:57 pm

So we saw Pacific Rim today.

And if we have learned one thing from the Jaegers, it is that any plan where you lose your arm is a bad plan.

(Short short form: we liked it! If any of y'all have written up reviews, or just Thoughts, that I've missed because I've been avoiding spoilers: toss me links in the comments.)
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[personal profile] adiva_calandia 2013-07-21 09:11 pm (UTC)(link)

My thoughts.
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Will be reading those links, too.

Why, oh why, isn't this film doing better when millions of American teenaged boys ran to see three Transformers films? WHY?

Ahem. Anyway...
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Because it's not juvenile horseshit?
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It was such a FUN film!
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...That sounds like excellent advice. :D

Still haven't seen it, but looking forward to it!