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That Icon Meme Again

It's back! This time I got it from [ profile] in_the_blue, and it goes like this:

Comment on this post and let me know you want to participate. I will choose seven userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

[ profile] in_the_blue picked these:


keyword: people of the book
comments: old school
I don't remember where I got the image; it's representative of the Torah and the Talmud, with an image of Jerusalem's Wailing Wall in the background. I have always heard the keyword phrase as a self-description of the Jewish people -- the wikipedia article on it rather surprised me by identifying it firstly as a term used in Islam.
This icon is a pretty recent addition, which I am using mostly to talk about Judaism in general and Judaic law/writings in particular.


keyword: we are living in the future
comments: I love this decade I'm living in!
I stole this icon from [ profile] ladymondegreen. The text reads "Oh wow that's awesome. It's like the future." That and the keyword and comments pretty well say it all.


keyword: because it has to
comments: from the webcomic xkcd
This comic is the source; I had to do a bit of cut-and-paste to make the text fit into a 100x100 square and still be readable. I like the last panel better out of context.
I use this for occasions when I really want to offer somebody hugs and comfort and reassurance, and all I can do is sit at my computer, hundreds of miles away, and type to them: it's going to be okay. because it has to.


keyword: no swimming
comments: It's a shot of "dumb idea" with a "bad plan" chaser.
Once again, sadly, I don't remember where the image is from -- but it struck me as the perfect visual for advice that really really ought to be unnecessary. THERE IS ICE ON THIS SIGN. DON'T GO SWIMMING. SERIOUSLY. The comment text is a line from Seanan McGuire's song "Pretty Little Dead Girl", to which this icon is not related except in its appreciation of how really stupidly people can act sometimes.
I use this to comment on dumb ideas and bad plans -- my own or those of others. (Seldom those of people I am directly addressing, though, because that's just mean.)


keyword: mornington crescent
comments: yes, that really is me and that really is the Mornington Crescent Tube station
The picture is from the only time I have ever been to London. When I discovered that we would be traveling through the Mornington Crescent station, I insisted Alex take a picture of me there. Why, you ask? -- and while you're asking, you might also ask why "I win" is part of the caption? This is why. I was an avid online player of Mornington Crescent for years, and I couldn't resist the chance.
I mostly use this icon for circumstances in which crowing "I WIN" is appropriate. :D

keyword: oblivious
comments:From the webcomic Questionable Content
It's from this comic, but as with the above, I had to jigger the text around to make it fit in a square panel.
I totally have days like this. Occasionally entire weeks. Sometimes being oblivious is protective and useful, but other times it's just really annoying.


keyword: each of us is one small light
comments:ganked from [ profile] knowledgequeen, made by [ profile] iconxbrothel
The keywords are from a song about Chanukah lights I learned when I was a kid, taken out of context.
I use this icon for mourning and for hope.

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Ah, thank you! I knew all your explanations would be eminently sense-worthy (I know, that's not even a word!).

You can hit me up for seven more of mine if you want, or you can pick seven from [ profile] cloakandclaw if you prefer.

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I'll answer here!

Image Blue Hawaii! It's a drink! It's also an icon I stole from one of my character journals (all-grown-up Sirius, to be precise). It's both my tropical island and my I'm-thirsty icon.

Image Mother's head in a box. This is from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It's Jenova, the ancient alien who's the source of so much strife (ha ha, Cloud Strife pun) on The Planet. Once I explained to my kid that my name and Jenova have the same basic word source and root. So in effect, I am Jenova. I like to use this for a) aliens, b) mother stuff, c) Final Fantasy stuff, or d) when you have one of those moments that makes you feel made out of metallic alien life form matter.

Image Aww, little Ampersand, the capuchin hero of Y: The Last Man. This is from the first issue. It's one of my go-to icons for hugs and love.

Image Preservation Hall in New Orleans. It's for travel, it's for jazz, it's for general ridiculously awesome stuff, it's for New Orleans.

Image Look, it's Stu-Pot from Gorillaz. The name "sunshine in a bag" is a lyric from their song Clint Eastwood. Stu's my zombie icon, one of my music icons, and my general hey I'm blank but still cool icon.

Image Oh, you know this one. Frak Earth. It's from Battlestar Galactica, when things are at their all-time low (or so everyone thinks). I use it when I'm really disheartened and disgusted.

Image God-tier Vriska Serket, from Homestuck. Look at her little face there, just look at it! First, she's a Scorpio like me. Second, she's so disbelieving. How can you not love a good antihero! I use it when I feel the way she looks. Or when Scorpio things have to be delineated.

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As always, I tend to like this game. :) Count me in.

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All art and icon attributions are here ( so as not to crowd this post.

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Oh, why not?

The Sodyera Userpics

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The sailing airship is called an EstiriOm. It was one of my early hits. There are (lit.) a handful of T-shirts with this image (Samantha has one), and it led to my being friends with Rickland & his wife Vonnie from Guatemala. Have't seen them in years.

The Ferrari Pegaso is a flying car (volantor) I designed one day at my last paying publishing job. The premise: When flying cars are built somebody's gonna want a Ferrari.

The Hag-faced cloud was just out there in the real sky one evening and I got the picture. I love digital photography!

This is the card back for The Subway Tarot, a project I started in the 90s and set aside to try and write novels about my homeworld. I have all the drawings for the various cards in my iPod®.

My Computer, Molly. She's a reliable 6-year old G5 iMac who shall sadly need to be traded in one day to stay current and to stop having to look at a fluorescent lit screen.

On the way to dinner one evening otherdeb and I passed a Prius Taxi on LaGurdia Pl.

Finally, this is the Trade Seal for the airland Palyé Yoëness (All We Want) from my novel, The Touching Lands Dance. I wonder how many people notice the subliminal bustier drawn into the drape of the flag. (A free 5 trivia pts. when I become rich and famous!)