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"Iiiit's that time again!"

"Time to make s'mores?"

"Nooo. It's time for another --"

"Wait, what do you mean no? I'm pretty sure it's time to make s'mores."


"... okay, maybe. But it's ALSO time for another New York area housefilk!"

Sunday, February 27 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Details and RSVP here!
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Rats. Mr. Scott, what IS the holdup with the transporters?!??
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p.s. it's *always* time for S'mores. :) (Now with kosher sugar-free marshmallows! :)

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Look, I've had a standing order to beam-out to the Ann Arbor hausfilks for the past few months and the Transporter Centre hasn't so much as e-mailed me. I think they're waiting for the annular confinement beam to be invented or some such.

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Gosh that sounds like fun.