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[purimgifts] Dear Author

Dear [ profile] purimgifts author:

Hi! And yay for yet another round of purimgifts!

Please no slash*, no noncon, and no RPS**. I don't judge; they're just not my kink.

* I'm stretching "slash" to its broadest possible definition: any romantic/sexual relationship that isn't canonically romantic/sexual, regardless of the respective genders and orientations of the characters. I don't want Xander/Angel; I don't want Buffy/Giles or Willow/Wesley or Tara/Dawn either. I very particularly don't want noncanonical incest, pls.

** Historical RPF is a go, however, if you're writing in a canon where historical figures could reasonably appear, such as Temeraire or Doctor Who.

I would be extraspecially delighted if you do anything with canonically Jewish characters (such as Willow Rosenberg) or possibly-Jewish characters (such as Matt Bluestone) (what? he totally is), or with canon characters interacting with Jewish OCs and/or historical figures. If you're writing something in a 'verse that doesn't have Jews and doesn't have any reason to have them (such as Battlestar Galactica or the Darwath series or the Tale of the Five), of course this does not apply.
Although I will admit to wondering: how are there kosher butchers in Ankh-Morkpork when the Discworld doesn't appear to have any Jews?

Mood-wise I have no preference: scare me, make me laugh, make me cry, make me wistful and nostalgic, make me angry, whatever floats your proverbial.

Thank you and I look forward to reading!

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