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Today's Awesome

You know what's awesome?

Vorkosiverse fic in the form of public radio interviews.

You know what else is awesome?

Vorkosiverse fic (of sorts) in the form of a personal interview, actually written by Ms. Bujold herself in anticipation of the release of Cryoburn.

You know what's awesome on a completely different level?

My beloved clone is bringing home the tiara.
Campbell Award for Best New Writer: Seanan McGuire. So, so proud.
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o hai! Awesome! :D :D :D
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All of these things are unquestionably awesome.

In other Vorkosigan fan activity, I have been loving the results of the [ profile] bujold_fic ficathon. My favorite is Guerrilla (, [ profile] glishara's novel-in-progress. [ profile] glishara sends the universe AU about three quarters of the way through Diplomatic Immunity. Barrayar has been invaded by Cetaganda, a great many important people are dead or out of reach, and the de facto Voice of the Emperor and leader of the resistance movement is ... Ivan Vorpatril.

This works surprisingly (and amazingly) well.
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Good lord. That second link is just beautiful. She references fanfic! Eeeee!~

Congratulations to Seanan! :D

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All very cool, and I'll have to read something by your friend McGuire. Amazon delivers here now, and I'm also thinking about a Kindl, because we're running out of room for dead trees...

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She...she won? She got her tiara?




No, no I'm not crying over here, no, why do you ask, move along, nothing to see...