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Home from OVFF as of last night.

Con was awesome -- I did not win the Pegasus but I almost don't care, because I gave a kickass performance of "Gabriel Gray's Song" and got to rake in the praise of my peers and my idols all weekend. Plus also got to perform "Creatures of Dream" while Luke Ski was in the circle to hear it, which I've wanted to do pretty much since I wrote it.

Con was also, in a different way, very good for our general mental/emotional well-being right now. As Alex has said: this is the con that saved our sanity in October of 2001, and it's done it again this year. To all those who offered comfort and/or distraction and/or just being there: thank you.

What con was not good for was catching up on friendslist. I'm at skip=200 right now and that only takes me back as far as Friday morning, and I was already behind on Friday morning. So if there's anything important that I missed last week, please drop me a note and link me to it?

*flops over*
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*twirls you!*

This is very important. Solemnly swear.

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I only burnt down the Internet a little, I swear! :D?
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All's you missed from me was a little angst over work...

I'm glad to hear that OVFF is for you what Conflikt has been for me... I *seriously* needed Conflikt I, and I suspect I'm gonna need it again this year... Filk heals, and from what I hear tell, you not only were healed, but did some healing as well, in your own inimitable way... I'm glad you got to meet [ profile] s00j. Both of you are very special ladies.

May you find peace in the memories... and may the rest of the year be as good to you as that was.

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*hugs you lots* I had a fun fiber thing at my house. That's all, really.
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By far the best song I heard all weekend ... and I mean a really big margin. Ya know ... if you start in Columbus, you gotta go to Alpha Centauri to start to get the idea of how far.

I actually got to hear you sing a fair amount and as always ... it just wasn't enough.

So good to see you this weekend.

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*hugs* I'm glad it was awesome :-)

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I am hoping maybe we can get you to do Creatures of Dream at the house filk....Muhahahah I am looking forward to you two being there? Hint? Hope? Other sillyness...
I am dissapointed you did not get peg'ed too but you had fun! Fun is ALWAYS more important(or it it being odd... or is it being strange... Oh, I do not know. I'm clueless, just go on to the next comment..)

Dec 13th Housefilk

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I talked my wife into opening the house.
Lookin NY_filk or Filk on LJ. You may have to pae down a bit but I know life has been busy for you two :D


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Yeah, the presentation on "Gabriel Gray's Song" was devastatingly effective. That must have taken a lot of work. It was worth it.