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Drabbles, heigh-ho. :)


Fandom: Supernatural, spoilers for the end of most recent episode (3.15, "Time Is On My Side")
Title: 2. Don't Look Back )


Fandom: Doctor Who (revival), spoilers for the end of 4.5, "The Poison Sky"
Title: 16. Unexpected )
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So, um.

[ profile] dotfic and I wrote this thing.



Title: A Thin Chain of Next Moments
Authors: [ profile] batyatoon and [ profile] dotfic
Rating: Gen, AU, PG-13
Warning: Character death
Word count: ~22,000 (total)
Characters/pairings: Sam, Dean, John, Bobby and others (both canon and our own), Sam/Ava, Dean/CRD, Dean/OFC, Jo/OMC
Disclaimer: Sadly, none of them belong to us except the OC's.

a/n: Follows canon up to Crossroad Blues. Puts season two canon in the blender, diverges completely from season three. It took us a while to write this; during the process we got Jossed and Kripked so many times our heads were spinning. Many thanks to our beta reader [ profile] destina for her patience and her careful editing above and beyond the call of beta-dom. Title is from Bruce Springsteen.

Summary: Dean makes a deal, and lives a life.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Wow, it's been how long since I touched the Heroes S1 Episode Title drabble project?

Anyway. Some new ones!


Fandom: Farscape, crossed over with something else (non-spoilery)
Title: 4. Collision )


Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, futurefic
Title: 20. Five Years Gone )


Fandom: Supernatural, futurefic, potentially spoilery for last week's episode
Title: 8. Seven Minutes To Midnight )

That last one is threatening to turn into something longer. SEND HELP.
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So, um.

Some of you already know that [ profile] dotfic and I have been working on an epic SPN fanfic together.

It's actually close enough to done that Dot has posted a teaser scene in her LJ. We're thinking the whole thing goes up within 5-7 days.


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Drabble project, heigh-ho.

Fandom: Supernatural, through the most recent episode ("Jus In Bello").
Title: 21. The Hard Part )
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Two new drabbles for the Heroes S1 Title Project!

The first one turned out way too long. I'm calling it a double drabble.


Fandom: Terry Pratchett's Discworld (with a non-spoilery shoutout to somebody else)
Title: 1. Genesis )


Fandom: Firefly
Title: 18. Parasite )


I need some ideas for additional fandoms. *considers*
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The drabble project continues! (And still needs a name.)

This one's for [ profile] bookelfe.

Fandom: In the Garden of Iden by Kage Baker
Title: 17. Company Man )
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Next drabble in the ongoing project: the other one they told me I'd never be able to make work.

Fandom: Marvel Comics (specifically the current X-Factor title)
Title: 23. How To Stop An Exploding Man )
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Next up in the Heroes S1 Title Drabble project! (Which still needs a name.) The listed fandom should be warning enough.

Fandom: IT, by Stephen King
Title: 10. Six Months Ago )
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So! Since nobody seems to think I particularly need a filter, I'm not making one.

Here, therefore, are the first few entries in the Heroes Season 1 Episode Title Drabble* Project. ...Which needs a new name, because that is a long and clunky name. I'm taking suggestions!

I'm not writing them in order, so the first one is #5. I'm also not introducing them with the fandoms; they should be recognizeable, but not always immediately. [ETA] ON SECOND THOUGHT: as [ profile] mtgat points out, people may want to avoid spoilers. So: introducing with fandoms after all.

Fandom: Supernatural, pre-canon
Title: 5. Hiros )


Fandom: Quantum Leap
Title: 3. One Giant Leap )


Fandom: Doctor Who, revival version, Season One
Title: 15. Run! )


Fandom: Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, post-canon
Title: 13. The Fix )


More coming as I write them.

[ETA the second] *Drabble: yes, I am aware that strictly speaking a drabble should be precisely one hundred words. I subscribe to a somewhat looser interpretation, to wit: if it's between 75 and 150 wordcount, I don't feel too bad about calling it a drabble. Call them postcard fics if you prefer that.
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So, inspired by [ profile] crazedcrusader's project of writing random-fandom drabbles using the episode titles of the entire run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- but not feeling nearly that ambitious --

-- I am embarking on a project to write random-fandom drabbles using the episode titles of the first season of Heroes.

I've got four already and mean to begin posting them. So, two-part question:

(a) should I create a new filter for this?

(b) if so, do you want on it?

Sing out, people.
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By any chance, could any of you lovely people provide me with chords for Tracy Grammer's "Hey Ho"?
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So I rewatched "Jaynestown" the other day, for the first time in quite a while.

It never occurred to me before to compare Jayne in this episode to Simon in "Safe," but... )

I don't know what, if anything, to make of this parallel. I just noticed it and thought I'd share.
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I am a sheep. Or a lemming. One of those.

Ask me for a drabble. Please specify any or all of the following: fandom, characters, setting, mood, event, keywords. If I can oblige you, I will. Fair warning: I reserve the right to interpret your specifications creatively.
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somewhere I should have gone much sooner.

This is what I wrote there, almost unedited.

Ground Zero, October 15, 2003 )
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Sorry for the delay. Here's Dorothy's letter home, continued still further. (Alas, not yet completed.)

Read more... )
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Dorothy's letter home, continued. )
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So as some of you no doubt already know, [ profile] cadhla ran a roleplaying game last week -- League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, circa 1936.

Members of the team we put together included [ profile] ladymondegreen as team leader Mary Poppins, [ profile] agrumer as a middle-aged Tom Swift, [ profile] stakebait as Lord Peter Wimsey, [ profile] akawil as Hugo Danner (I didn't know who he was either), [ profile] sdelmonte as The Shadow, [ profile] camwyn as Sergeant Preston of the Yukon ... and yours truly as one Dorothy Gale, late of Kansas.

We had ridiculous amounts of fun and utterly failed to get ourselves killed. Go team!

What follows behind the cut-tag is the beginnings of a game report in the form of a letter home. The rest, theoretically, will follow.

There's no place like Oz... )
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You know you're a poetgeek when lines of dialogue in random contexts leap out at you and proclaim their suitability for a particular poem form. An innocuous phrase in a friend's recent livejournal post tried to turn itself into a sonnet last week, because it was two nonrhyming lines in iambic pentameter and they only needed two more lines to form the first quatrain ...

I fought that one off successfully, only to be jumped by a line out of an old ElfQuest collection. (Six syllables! Easily broken into three lines of two syllables apiece! Come on!) Fans of ElfQuest may recognize the line as one of the first things we ever hear from Suntop, Cutter's son.

The sky is double-mooned and starred;
It's hard
To look away from that dark deep
To sleep.
Although by day the sun is bright,
At night
The darkness seems to sharpen sight.
And in the brilliance it brings,
My blood it shines, it scents, it sings:
It's hard to sleep at night.


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