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Whew. Caught up on my flist as far back as yesterday before giving up in despair, as I still have to pack tonight for going to OVFF tomorrow morning. So consider my pants bankrupted for Monday through Wednesday night, and let me know if I missed anything crucial? (I have the Monday after the con off work, so I should be able to catch up on everything I'll miss over the coming weekend.)

This will conclude the autumn holidays, and return me to something resembling my regularly scheduled programming.

Thems of you as is coming to OVFF: see you there! The rest of you: no burning down the internets while I'm gone.
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Am back from Contata.

There was so much awesome at this con I can't even begin to tell you. At least not before I've slept. All I'm saying for right now is that Con Chair [ profile] ladymondegreen worked some bona fide miracles -- and that a few more miracles pretty much happened spontaneously.

Also, my pants are beyond bankrupt. If there was anything important since Friday morning, please assume I missed it and link me to it here?
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And off we go to Contata. See some of you there!

The rest of you: see you Monday evening. Y'all be good while I'm gone.

*wanders off humming*
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Off to Lunacon. See y'all when I get back Sunday night.
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Back from Boskone, o my friendslist.

Exhausted and stiff and with pants as bankrupt as ever pants were. Had a good con, including participation in three (!) concerts and debuting two new songs in circle and meeting some lovely people and seeing many many dear friends.

I think I go fall down now.
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So tomorrow evening I set off for Boskone, where I am going to have a very busy schedule indeed:

* Friday at 8pm I will be performing with Merav Hoffman in our guise as The Funny Things.

* Saturday at noon is Seanan McGuire's Featured Filker Concert, during most of which I will be happily watching but during some of which I will be happily singing backup.

* Sunday at noon, I will be performing with Merav and Seanan in our guise as as Lady Mondegreen, giving our never-before-seen-on-this-continent Children's Concert.

* Sometime in there I will hopefully be doing my bit to promote Contata, this summer's incarnation of the NorthEast Floating Filk Con. (It's in June! We're gonna have Heather Dale! And Tom Smith! It's gonna be so cool.)

Anyway. As per usual when convention-attending, I'm likely to have limited if any internet access, so don't count on seeing me between tomorrow morning and lateish Sunday night. Take care, be good, don't anybody kill each other till I get back.
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O my people, I write to you from the business center of the Crowne Plaza in Dublin, Ohio, where I am staying this weekend for the Ohio Valley Filk Festival.

As usual: limited 'net access, don't expect to see me on late-night AIM until Sunday night, don't blow up the internet while I'm gone. (*stern glare* I mean it this time.)
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In a few hours, God willing, [ profile] sdelmonte and I will be on a plane to Pittsburgh to attend Confluence 2007. As usual when we travel, my internet availability will be chancy, so assume you won't hear from me until Sunday night. (Unless, of course, you're going to be at the con.)

Be good while I'm gone. If you can't be good, be careful. And if you can't be careful, try to get the servers back up within a few hours, 'kay?
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Did I say Sunday night? I meant Monday.

Still have a little voice left, but contrary to what that implies, it was a really good con. More detailed report to follow, possibly.

Now to attempt to read five days' worth of back entries on my flist. Will probably skim. If there's anything important I absolutely should not miss, please comment here with a link.
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Am at Conterpoint.

Will probably not be back on computer until Sunday night.

Love you all. Don't burn down the internet while I'm gone.
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I really, really need a filk-related icon. Maybe a Dandelion Conspiracy thing? Anyway.

For those of you not yet in the know, I'm going to be giving a concert at Confluence this July. (My god, July. And it's already ... June sixth? Holy approaching deadlines, Batman.)

I've already asked a few people to participate, providing backing instrumentation and/or vocals. But I've still got a few songs in my set list that could really use some help.

So! Filkers planning to attend Confluence: who wants to be one of my trained guitarists/vocalists/drummers/whatever? Sing out and I'll add you to the filter for the next post, which will give more detail about what I'm planning to sing and what help I particularly need.
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Pursuant to this:

I've gotten some useful suggestions as to how to get from London (Golders Green, specifically) to Basingstoke on Friday February 2. Presumably they'll also be good for getting back on Monday the 5th.

The thing is, we're gonna be traveling with a lot of luggage, including most of our food for the weekend.

So. Bearing in mind that I have no clear idea of the distances and/or roads involved, are there any kind souls out there who might volunteer to give us a ride there and/or back? I would be very grateful. Extremely grateful. There could be cookies.
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So. As I posted here nearly a year ago....

My filk group, Lady Mondegreen, is going to be the International Guests of Honor at the D'zenove Convention over the weekend of February 2nd through the 4th, 2007.

For those of you in the UK, this means I'll be on your side of the pond for about five days; for NY locals and those of you who generally only see me online, this means I'll be away for nearly a week. We're leaving New York on the night of Tuesday, January 30th; arriving in London late morning Wednesday, January 31st; spending a day or two at a hotel in Golder's Green; heading to the con in Basingstoke on Friday, February 2nd; returning to London on Monday, February 5th; and flying home on Tuesday, February 6th.

(We're not sure yet how we're getting from London to Basingstoke and back. Any Brits reading this, feel free to offer suggestions.)

Further plans, and further nervous/excited flailing, shall be posted as they develop.
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Ah, the Ohio Valley Filk Festival, last of the autumn holidays.

Here's some highlights of this year's. )

More later, perhaps.
Such a good weekend.
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In a few hours, [ profile] sdelmonte and I get on a plane for Ohio and the great Ohio Valley Filk Festival therein.

It's likely I'll have little to no internet access while I'm there, so ... see y'all Sunday evening.

Except for those of y'all as will be at OVFF -- I'll see you much sooner!

Try not to burn down the internets while I'm gone, mmkay?
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Posting from the Crowne Plaza hotel in beautiful Worcester, MA, where we are staying for Concertino, this year's iteration of the Noreast Floating Filk Con.

My group, Lady Mondegreen, will be performing on Sunday at 3:00pm. (Here's what else will be going on, if you're wondering.)

Have internet access but very very limited. Should be back home lateish Sunday night. See y'all then! Except those of you who're coming to Concertino, whom I'll see in a few hours.

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I can't really do a whole lot better than to quote [ profile] cadhla here:

It is my distinct pleasure and stunned honour to announce that Lady Mondegreen will be appearing at D'zenove Convention, to be held in Basingstoke over the weekend of February 2nd through the 4th, 2007.

Yeah, uh.

That's all I've got, except a whole big lot of high-pitched squeeing.

Lady Mondegreen is going to England.

They asked us to.

This. Just.


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So as some of you already know, the Ohio Valley Filk Festival overlaps with the Jewish holiday of Sukkot this year.

If you don't know what either of those are or why it's relevant that they overlap, feel free to ignore this post, as it mostly assumes you do know and is of a practical rather than explanatory nature. (An explanatory post, if anyone wants one, may be forthcoming.)

If you do: read on! )
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A message from Greg Weisman, to be spread about as much as possible among fans of Gargoyles.

Cut-tagged for the rest of you )


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