genarti: Small orange kitten putting an exploratory paw on an even tinier duckling's head. ([misc] hi!)
genarti ([personal profile] genarti) wrote in [personal profile] batyatoon 2016-05-02 03:25 pm (UTC)

Oh nooooo, kidney stones! By all accounts they suck terribly. I hope the stents do their job, and that the future contains no more exciting emergency room visits, egad.

But I'm glad FKO was fun! And I love all those photos. (Hello, familiar faces!)

(I do follow you on tumblr, but I have never ever been able to keep up with tumblr anyway, so it's extremely hit or miss whether I see a given post. Wanting all my friends to post on DW is completely hypocritical because I barely remember to post like once every six months, but all the same I'm delighted every time I do see a post go up to let me know what's going on in a friend's life!)

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