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batyatoon ([personal profile] batyatoon) wrote2015-01-29 09:31 pm

OC: Original Character

A questions meme about original fictional characters, courtesy of [personal profile] in_the_blue!

If you know what character you want, you can pick, or you can describe a character and I'll snag my closest match. Or just leave it to me to pick.

Send me a number and I'll answer the questions with one of my OCs:

- How does your OC react when their rival is grovelling at their feet for their life?
- What’s the subtitle that accompanies your OC’s name during their dramatic intro?
- What incredibly lame thing does your OC do while thinking that it’s actually super cool?
- How would your OC react to meeting someone who is attempting to impersonate them?
- Would your OC try to weasel out of a genie wish limit with the wishing for more wishes bullshit?
- Exactly what amount of wealth would be enough to tempt your OC into doing something that is distasteful but not specifically against their moral code?
- What is the most unacceptable pun that someone would use in conversation with your OC?
- Would your OC eat cooked testicles assuming they’re prepared hygienically?
- If your OC attempted to clean their nails with a dagger like some sort of stereotypical fantasy badass would they accidentally cut themselves?
- How many days can your OC go without bathing before they can’t stand being in their own body anymore?

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